850mm (33.75") Frame for Fine Stitch Studio Students

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Heirloom quality, handmade wooden embroidery slate frame for fine hand embroidery, beading and cross stitch. These frames are made in the UK from European Beech, with Danish Oil finish.

This frame has 850mm (33.5") long bars. This gives you a work area that is:

  • 770mm (30.3") wide 
  • Adjustable from 474mm (18.6") to 764mm (30.0") long. Extra fabric length can be wrapped around the end bars.
  • Adjustable in 5mm (0.2") increments
  • This is a Large Frame - it is compatible with Side Bars and End Bars 600mm+ in size.

As a student in Anna's class, you will receive free name or message engraving on your frame. If you would like to have your frame plain, you can leave the name/message section blank.

 These frames are being made on demand for the class, and as such will take several weeks to ship.

The slot in each end of the frame allows your work to be locked in place by the tension on the dowel as the fabric is stretched in the frame, no stitching is required. This process allows the fabric to be drum tight and stay tight throughout the stitching of your project. No readjusting is required once the work is laced with sufficient tension down the side bars. This is much faster than a traditional slate frame's lacing to webbing. It also has the advantage of keeping your fabric much flatter as the fabric exits the top/bottom bars at a very similar height to the top of the side bars.

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