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Trestle with Frame


The Mythic Crafts Trestle is the 3rd version we've built - the first one wasn't very practical to build, and not as sturdy as necessary. The second version was much better - it is very functional, and is in the hands of two customers and Mary Corbet from Needle 'N Thread. The third version which we are now offering is exactly the same as the 2nd, except there are now more holes for a larger adjustment range. The foot design has also changed, with the joint for the two pieces being visually more pleasing, stronger, and easier to assemble.

When Tarryn (Mark's Wife) first tried the V2 trestle sitting on a kitchen chair, the lowest adjustment position still seemed too high. When one of our customers received her trestle, she reported the same thing. As such, there's an extra 100mm/4" of adjustment to the height, all on the low end. The adjustment range was originally based on researching other trestle offerings, and ensuring our range of adjustment was the same as the minimum-maximum offered by every other trestle. Mary Corbet also supports the additional positions for adjustment based on her embroidery style/seating position.


Easy Assembly

The Trestle is assembled using brass thumbscrews so you don't need any tools to put it together.

Brass Thumbscrews

If you have issues with finger strength, for this campaign you will also receive hex headed bolts with a cushioned T handle driver at no extra cost. 

T Handle Driver

Every bolt is exactly the same size and length so you don't need to figure out which bolt goes where. Any bolt can go into any position.

The frame rails are mounted with a simple clevis pin held with a large hairpin cotter pin for quick and easy adjustment.

Adjustment Holes


All of the thumbscrews thread into metal inserts set into the wood of the connecting part. The metal inserts will not wear out like threaded wood does.

The buffed Danish Oil finish increases the moisture resistance and hardness of the wood. This means the trestle's wood is more stable and less prone to damage than raw wood, as well as resisting spills of water and marks from handling.

The trestle is made from solid European Beech hardwood sourced from sustainable forests in Germany, the same as our embroidery frames.

Rear Brace Bars

An optional extra for the base trestle, the rear brace bars tie your trestle sides together. With the brace bars in place, your trestle will not fall over or even need feet. The rear bars are adjustable, giving you a choice of width.

Rear Brace Bars

Small Frame Support Bars

If you want to use a small frame with your trestle, you'll need something to support it. The optional support bars mount on quick release blocks that in turn mount on the regular trestle rails.

Small Frame Support Bars

The support blocks have a lever on the side which, when depressed will lock the block to the trestle rail. This allows you to move the support bars to wherever you desire along the trestle rail, using very little effort to lock the block in place.

The inside of the blocks is a hand cast rubber pad to protect the trestle rail, as well as provide grip so the block will not slip on the rail. The top of the pad is made from the same rubber and provides a non-slip surface for the frame support bars to sit on. A wooden lip at the front and back of the block make sure the support block won't slide off, especially when the trestle is set to an angle.

Support Block


Your trestle can be used whilst sitting or standing. The rails can be tilted to allow you find the optimal working position that is comfortable and ergonomic.

Trestle Positions

Height Adjustment

Height is adjustable in 20mm (3/4") steps.

With Rails Flat: 740mm to 1040mm (29" to 41")

Maximum Front Height: 1040mm (41")

Maximum Rear Height: 1265mm (49.8")

Minimum Front Height: 720mm (28.3")

Minimum Rear Height: 740mm (29")

Angle Adjustment

Maximum Angle: 30°

Angle at Lowest Height: 2.5°

Maximum Angle at Maximum Height: 17°

Width Adjustment

Specifications below are only relevant when using the rear support bars.

Adjustable in 30mm steps.

Minimum Width: 640mm (25.2")

Maximum Width: 1060mm (41.7")


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