Crowd Funding: Table Stands

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 Table Stand with 350mm Frame

 Table mounted stands are requested as a product for Mythic Crafts to make as often as trestles are - so here they are! After looking at similar products on the market, we wanted to make sure they were really sturdy and easy to lock in place.


Locking Levers

The table stand has lever handles on all the joints and on the frame and table clamps, so locking anything down is very low effort and does not require any special tools. Just hold the joint in the position you want, then close the lever.

Made from a laminate of Walnut and European Beech, they are stylish and strong, there's a steel insert where the bolt attaches so it won't break or wear out.

Rubber Pads

Soft Clamping Jaws

Part of the design goal was to ensure that no frame or table would be harmed by the use of the clamp. Since there are no off-the-shelf rubber pieces that fit the requirements for the table stand, moulds have been designed so they can be hand cast by Mythic Crafts! A urethane rubber about the same hardness of a car tyre will be used on your table stand which will not mark, discolour or stain any surface you clamp. As a bonus, the rubber pads are grippy so nothing will slip or slide.

Universal Frame Clamp

Table Stand Clamp Head

The frame clamp will hold the end bar or sidebar of any frame Mythic Crafts makes.  The unique step design gives you 4 strong and secure clamp thicknesses to lock the frame down with. Rubber pads on the jaws hold your frame softly, and won't mark fabric you have on your frame. The clamp head is actually made up of 7 pieces of wood to ensure it's as strong as possible!

Extension Arm

Table Stand Extension Clamp

Included as standard, the extension arm lets you move your frame to more interesting angles and positions than can be achieved by mounting the clamp head directly into the table clamp. A slot runs up the middle of the extension arm, which can mount future accessories or the clamp head itself. The ends of each piece are standardised, so you can join multiple extension arms together or mount them into the slot for those future accessories (like lights!)


Table Thickness: 16mm - 50mm (5/8" to 2")

Angle of Frame (no extension arm): -34° to 155°

Extension Arm Length: 119mm (4 5/8") mounting hole to mounting hole.

Finish: Burnished Danish Oil

Pre-order on IndieGoGo.