Crowd Funding: Frame Feet

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These beautiful feet are made from European Beech and Purpleheart. They can be pinned through the adjustment holes on the side bars of your frame, or attached with elastic bands anywhere along the side bar. The "Short" feet have 100mm/4" of clearance below the frame, the "Long" feet have 150mm/6" below the frame. With four feet attached to your frame, the frame will sit parallel to your work surface which is perfect for certain types of embroidery.

Foot attached to frame

We wanted to ensure these feet would be strong and cope with falling off a table without breaking. As the slot for the side bar is cut into the grain direction of the foot, we reinforce the slot with a laminated piece of Purpleheart (which we think looks gorgeous!) - making the top section of the foot like plywood.

Each foot has a hole in the top that aligns with the outer most holes on the frame bar, allowing you to lock the foot every 10mm where the holes are. There's just enough room in the slot to allow you to attach the feet over lacing.

Frame Leg Attached to Frame


Pre-order on IndieGoGo