About Mythic Crafts

Mythic Crafts is a small family business in Norfolk, Great Britain. We work extremely hard to ensure all our products are made to the highest standard we can achieve because we know you would be disappointed with anything less. Mythic Crafts was created because Mark's mother, Rachael Harris - an embroidery instructor - was frustrated with the quality and utility of many items she purchased. This led to our first slate frame design and the product range we're now expanding.

Our aim has never been to build items to the lowest price possible, you can find them mass produced at any craft store chain. Our aim is to create finely crafted and finished items that you will be proud to have handed down through generations in your family, continuing your love of embroidery. Our products are handmade, hand sanded until they feel perfect, and then have as many coats of finish (applied by hand!) as required to meet our exacting standards.

We have a small workshop that has been built up around manufacturing frames and other embroidery items as efficiently as possible. To meet our exacting requirements for dimensional tolerance and repeatability we run a high-end computer-controlled router for our most critical drilling and mortising operations, accurate to 0.001mm. All of our products, even items that are completely hand cut (like boxes) have full sets of engineering drawings that we stick to.

Because we have a small workshop, and we're not mass producing items, we're always excited to work on custom projects for people. All custom orders are built from engineering drawings you approve before we start, so we can ensure we're building exactly what you want, not what we think you want. We've made custom embroidery frames from 250mm (9.85") all the way up to 1700mm (5.5'!) If you have an idea for a project, or need a custom sized version of an existing product we'd love to hear about it.