Week Three of Daily Needleminders

Week Three of Daily Needleminders

Has another week gone by already? Time flies when you're having fun!

This week our embroidery boxes were reviewed by Mary Corbet who loved them, see the article at Needle 'n Thread.

This weeks most popular needle minder, according to Instagram, was our Sheltie, Evy. She kinda stole the show.

Evy taking a break from attacking the ground and bees.

My favourite this week has to be the Maple leaf from Wednesday, given that we live in Canada there's not really a choice right?

Click the images below to be taking to the product.

Tuesday - Baby Elephant

Wednesday - Maple Leaf

Thursday - Dragon Fly

Friday - Heart

Saturday - Praying Hands

Sunday - Swan

Monday - Thread Spools


This week's needle minders all look really good, this Saturday's is I think a little bit more special than the others! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to see them as they are released!

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