The Sixth Week of Needle Minders!

The Sixth Week of Needle Minders!

Another busy week! The past 4 days have been almost entirely maintenance of tools/machines - everything decided to need it at once. It's good to get out of the way though, I work my equipment pretty hard so taking a few days now can save me weeks later.

In addition to the continued progress on Fire screens, Embroidery Frames, and Boxes I'm going to be setting up some moulds for casting my carved needle minders. It's pretty exciting, I haven't done mould making in years! I have a great resin for them, very tough but with some elasticity, so they won't shatter if dropped.

There's a post on Facebook where you can tell me your favourite needle minder and what colour you'd like to see it in, and I'll give you a $20 coupon for the store... take a look!

As usual, you can click on the picture below to be taken to the needle minder in the store.

Tuesday - Space Shuttle Launch

With my background in rocketry, this one is a little special to me!

Space Shuttle Needle Minder NASA

Wednesday - Three Interlocked Hearts

Carved Hearts Wood Needle Minder

Thursday - Leaping Dolphin

Carved Wood Dolphin Needle Magnet

Friday - Scarab Beetle

Egyptian Scarab Beetle Carved Wooden Needle Minder

The painted version of this needle minder is by far my favourite, the colours are just so beautiful!

Painted Wood Needle Minder - Beautiful Egyptian Beetle

Saturday - Polar Bear

 Carved Wood Needle Minder Polar Bear

Sunday - Fox Head

Wood Needle Minder Fox Head

Monday - Sleepy Moon

Sleepy Moon Carved Wood Needle Minder

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