New Carved Hardwood Thread Keepers

New Carved Hardwood Thread Keepers

Thread keepers have been on my to-do list pretty much all year but I couldn't quite decide what I wanted to do with them. I figured I have to start with something, so I went with some ovals with a little nature scene carved on top!

Unlike the needle minders, I'm releasing these all at once since there are only 4 designs (so far?) I'm really happy with how they look!

Red Deer on Lake Wooden Thread Keeper

There's an Elephant, Red Deer (above), Horse and Big Horn Sheep. Hopefully something for everyone!

Each one is carved from solid Walnut after drilling the thread holes. The thread holes are sized so you can poke the thread through with your finger - a tip from Janice at Traditional Stitches, a local needlework store! This also means you can easily fit a full skein of DMC Perle 5 through, with room to spare.

Despite being relatively thin and lightweight, these are really tough! The Danish Oil does wonders for the toughness of the wood. When buffing anything with a buffing wheel it inevitably will grab the object and throw it into the workbench or wall at over 160mph during the buffing process. I consider this durability testing? A couple of my test pieces were flung around the workshop (workbench -> wall -> ceiling -> floor -> wall.. very energetic!) and survived with no cracks or even dents! So they pass the buffing wheel testing of durability.

Once buffed the carving is so smooth and beautiful. The lightly domed surface still has some tool marks left from carving them, but very minor. As they are carved, each one will be unique and special in its own way. It takes around 3 hours to carve, finish and buff one, so, unfortunately they are not as cheap as I'd like. If there is interest, I'll look into making moulds from them and making a cast urethane version which will be much cheaper.

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  • Wendy

    What a fantastic idea Mark. They look beautiful.

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