Needle minders week 7!

Needle minders week 7!

It has been another busy week working on fire screens, frames, boxes, trestles, feet, needle minders and thread keepers! I should hopefully have some completed trestle pictures next week.

This week's needle minders got a little messed up, as I only loaded enough to reach the end of the month into the store, and forgot to add more! This post is also a bit late as I've been doing 18hr days the past 3 days to get through some of the machining of wood.

This week's most popular needle minder was the teddy bear. It really is cute!

As always, click a picture to see the product!

Tuesday - Bow

Carved Wood Bow Needle Minder Christmas

Wednesday - Elephant

Carved Elephant Magnetic Wood Needle Minder

Thursday - Mermaid

Carved Mermaid Needle Magnet

Friday - Rabbit

Carved Rabbit Easter Needle Minder

Saturday - Teddy

Carved Wood Teddy Bear Needle Minder for Embroidery

Sunday - Dragon

Mythical Needle Minder Dragon from Carved Hardwood Beech

Monday - Caduceus

Caduceus Medical Symbol Needle Minder for Nurse/Doctor


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