Needle Minders Week 5

Needle Minders Week 5

I'm not quite sure what happened to the past week, but it appears to have vanished into history already! Time is really flying by this year.

It looks like this week's favourite needle minder the seahorse and rightly so!. The Islamic crescent and star was just behind. 

It looks like future Walnut needle minders will be the same thickness as the Beech ones - I need the extra depth for the larger magnets that are being used. With half a ton of Walnut delivered this week, there should have plenty of offcuts to make into needle minders!

Click a picture below to be taken to the item!

Tuesday - Frog (Walnut)

Walnut Wood Carved Frog Needle Minder

Wednesday - Star and Crescent

Thursday - Theatre Masks

Friday - Eagle

Carved Beech Wood Eagle Needle Minder

Saturday - Crown

Carved Crown Beech Hardwood Needle Minder

Sunday - Sea Horse

Sea Horse Carved Needleminder European Beech

Monday - Star of David

Jewish Needle Minder Star of David Carved Beech

More beautiful needle minders coming up this week!

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