Embroidery Frame Sizes, and Custom Slate Frames

Embroidery Frame Sizes, and Custom Slate Frames

One of our most common questions on our Etsy store has been "What size frame do I need". We've created a (hopefully) helpful page with some guidance, as well as all our frame sizes in one place.

Take a look at our Selecting the right size slate frame page for more.

If none of our standard frames suit your project, consider buying a Custom Slate Frame hand made to your specifications. If you are stumped as to what size frame you might require, we would love to hear from you.


  • Mark Harris

    Instructions are included with each frame, however, Kathy has a guide as part of her review here: www.theunbrokenthread.com/blog/2017/03/17/give-away-story-mythic-crafts-slate-frame-part-2/

  • jojo

    How do you attach the fabric to the frame?

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