A Little Update

A Little Update

It's been awhile since I posted an update, things have been busy busy!

In the middle of last year (2017) we found that our residency application to stay in Canada was quite expensive and unlikely to being getting processed prior to our work permits expiring in December. We got behind on several items for the residency application after the loss of our son in 2016. Rather than spending a lot of money on an application that was going to be "too little too late" we decided to move on to the UK.

At this point, I was ramping up production for several items, and with the new December deadline, I didn't work less than 18hrs a day from September on except for a couple of weeks when I had a nasty cold! This meant no time for carving/photographing and posting new needle minders.

After moving in December, we had no internet for almost 4 weeks. Things are getting back on track now with a logistics company in Calgary taking care of shipping out our remaining orders.

New Products!

There's going to be some new products released for pre-order this coming week, with some *incredible* discounts on them, as well as embroidery frames - prices on frames will be below my cost price, and well below trade price. There will be an email to those on our mailing list on Monday (you can signup at the bottom of the page) to be able to get in early for the biggest discounts which have a limited quantity available, the rest of the world will hear about it on Wednesday!

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